The healthcare landscape is changing. Patients are changing. Health systems must change too.

Deciding where to establish ambulatory facilities that maximize patient convenience and accessibility is a big challenge. To succeed, health systems need a strategy that gives them the perfect combination of maximum demand and optimal market conditions. You want to build a 3-5 year strategy with maximum flexibility to pivot as market conditions change, without having to spend month or years and hundreds of thousands of dollars building internal systems and capabilities.

Get past the politics and debates and use science and data to get moving.

RES can help you create a compelling, dynamic ambulatory network strategy built with the future in mind. More importantly, we also arm you with the tool, STRATUS, to keep that strategy nimble, powerful, and evergreen with unlimited self-service scenario modeling, reporting and communication, and continuous data updates ensuring your strategy stays evergreen.

Arm your organization with STRATUS, an advanced, powerful Ambulatory Network Modeling Tool for next-generation strategy development and planning.

Strategic Site and Network Planning

Strategic Site and Network Planning

We help you rank and prioritize all opportunities across your market, first to last, and we provide you the flexibility to sort and rank opportunities based what’s most important to you and your organization.

Prioritization of Opportunities

Understand projected patient demand, procedure volumes, payer mix, and overall performance – both current and future-state 5 years from now. Generate all the inputs needed for direct business case development – Patient Demand, Competitive Supply, FTE Need, & Payer Mix.

Performance Projections

Performance Projections

Our system gives you all the data you need to determine the best opportunities for market share growth, validation, relocation, and consolidation and capital redeployment.

Portfolio Growth & Optimization

Portfolio Growth & Optimization

Determine optimal location placement, size, and FTE need across every location for 35+ individual service lines.

Location Placement, Sizing, and Staffing

Location placement, sizing, and staffing
The RES Difference

Our approach is unique. We were built from the ground up to be healthcare-specific, with direct inputs and outputs that are relevant to healthcare planning. We accomplished this through decades of collaboration with health system strategists and planners – starting at the Business Case and working backwards. We pulled from the best of tools, technology, and data sources that healthcare, retail, and other industries had to offer, adapted them to the unique language of healthcare: service lines, payer types, physician productivity, site of service types, and patient behavior patterns. We have unique partnerships with the best Healthcare and Demographic data providers in the industry, including IBM Watson/Truven and ESRI, but are flexible enough to adopt client-preferred data sources, both internal and external.

Simply put, we strive every day to provide the best tools, strategies, and recommendations leveraging the best data in existence, and are constantly innovating through exposure and feedback from our Health System partners that give us a unique understanding of our clients’ ever-evolving needs and desires.

For more information on how RES’ STRATUS compares to traditional site selection tools and techniques, click here: The RES Difference

The Power of STRATUS

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