RES Newsletter Volume 10

A Special “Wave” To Our HealthCare Providers

Happy fall, everyone!  This edition of our newsletter centers around two of my favorite things – healthcare and college football – and a recent experience where I was fortunate enough to see the two merged together in an awe-inspiring moment of kindness and humanity.  It occurred during an Iowa Hawkeye football game where my wife and I joined 70,000 fans, players, coaches, and staff in “The Iowa Wave”.  Many of you have likely heard of this relatively new tradition that comes to life every gameday in Iowa City.  Perhaps you’ve even shed a tear or two watching as those 70,000 people joined together to wave up at the children and families at the children’s hospital overlooking Kinnick Stadium.  It’s a thing of pure beauty.

Naturally, I’m immensely proud that this amazing tradition was born at my alma mater, but that isn’t why I’ve chosen to write about it.  Rather, as I waved my lighted cell phone up toward those many tiny faces 12 stories up, I found myself thinking of all the providers standing behind those children.  For that matter, let’s talk about all the providers standing behind the millions of patients across the nation.  Everyone from the executive teams, to the doctors and nurses, to the administrative staff, and the list goes on-and-on; all play a part in a complex system in support of every single one of us.

I feel fortunate to have spent my career working with many such healthcare providers.  I’ve even been part of a health system myself and I can tell you from experience that not only do these people care, but they represent the absolute best in us.  I’ve seen hospital presidents driving out in blizzards to bring nurses and physicians in to properly care for patients.  I’ve seen physicians giving everything they have in the ER against seemingly impossible odds.  I’ve seen custodial staff comforting families amid grieving the loss of a loved one.  So, while I stared up at the children’s hospital reflecting on these and hundreds of other instances of kindness, I was struck by a sudden thought.  When was the last time I’d taken a moment to thank my healthcare providers?  And I’m not just talking about a routine “thank you” as I’m walking out the door, but a true heartfelt recognition of their efforts toward the health of my family, my friends, and me.

It didn’t take much pondering to realize that I haven’t given my healthcare providers the recognition they deserve.  My assumption is that most of you are probably a lot like me.  We often fall into our daily lives in which it’s easy to view our healthcare as routine, but it’s anything but.  Every second of every day across the country, healthcare providers are exhibiting awe-inspiring acts of kindness.  They represent the absolute best humanity has to offer.  So, whether you’re in for a routine physical or you’re at the grocery store and bump into someone you know who works in healthcare, take a moment to let them know how grateful you are for their care.  Take a moment to give them a wave.

Our family at RES has been blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside many of you in improving access to care and optimizing utilization of healthcare resources.  We appreciate your passion and your energy, but most of all we’re grateful for your tireless commitment to serving us, our families, and our friends as your patients.  Thank you so much to all of you who work in the healthcare field!


Josh brings nearly fifteen years of experience in the development of healthcare real estate and his proficiency spans across the continuum of care including inpatient, outpatient, post/sub-acute care, and senior housing. As President of RES’ development and investments platform, Josh oversees the day-to-day management of the company and is responsible for the sourcing, structuring, and delivery of healthcare assets nationwide.

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